Social Principals & Creed

"Taking an active stance  in society is nothing new for followers of John Wesley. He set the  example for us to combine personal and social piety. Ever since  predecessor churches to United Methodism flourished in the United  States, we have been known as a denomination involved with people's  lives, with political and social struggles, having local to  international mission implications. Such involvement is an expression of the personal change we experience in our baptism and conversion.

The United Methodist Church believes God's love for the world is an active  and engaged love, a love seeking justice and liberty. We cannot just be  observers. So we care enough about people's lives to risk interpreting  God's love, to take a stand, to call each of us into a response, no  matter how controversial or complex. The church helps us think and act  out a faith perspective, not just responding to all the other  'mind-makers-up' that exist in our society."

Excerpt from The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church 2012. Copyright © 2012 by The United Methodist Publishing House. Used by permission.

To help guide our thinking and acting about how we live in, and are in  engaged in ministry in the world, The United Methodist Church has  created statements to guide the church in its efforts to create a world  of justice.

"Our Social Creed" is a basic statement of our  convictions about the fundamental relationships between God, God's  creation and humanity. This basic statement is expanded in a more  lengthy statement called the "Social Principles." This statement  explains more fully how United Methodists are called to live in the  world. Part of our Book of Discipline, the "Social Principles" serve as a guide to official church action and our individual witness.

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 The Natural World

The Social Principles are a prayerful and thoughtful effort of the  General Conference to speak to the issues in the contemporary world from a sound biblical and theological foundation.

We affirm our unity in Jesus Christ while acknowledging differences in  applying our faith in different cultural contexts as we live out the  gospel.

All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it.

 The Economic Community

 The Social Community

 The Nurturing Community

We claim all economic systems to be under the judgment of God no less than other facets of the created order.

We affirm all persons as equally valuable in the sight of God's sight.  We reject discrimination and assert the rights of minority groups to  equal opportunities.

We believe we have a responsibility to innovate, sponsor, and evaluate  new forms of community that will encourage development of the fullest  potential in individuals.

 Our Social Creed

 The World Community

 The Political Community

 We believe in God, Creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ, the  Redeemer of creation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, and we repent of  our sin in misusing...

God’s world is one world. We pledge ourselves to seek the meaning of  the gospel in all issues that divide people and threaten the growth of  world community.

We hold governments responsible for the protection of people’s basic  freedoms. We believe that neither church nor state should attempt to  dominate the other.

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